Agriculture Analysis

Crop production and crop protection - these factors directly impact your bottom line revenue. Drones are making a huge difference in how farmers care for their crop.

Farming will no doubt continue with or without drones. However, farmers are being pressured to produce more crops with less resources. This is where production and protection become extremely important.


Production & Protection

An NDVI image (Normalized Difference Vegetative Index) of your field will help identify problem areas such as disease, bugs, water stressed zones, and low moisture. This information gives you the ability to focus your time and resources in these areas that need it most.

In the case of crop loss, we use high resolution photos to document losses more efficiently for insurance claims.


elevation analysis

By analyzing elevation data, farmers can get a better understanding of the field's topography. Lower parts of the field tend to have higher organic matter, deeper topsoil, and water pooling.


Farms, large and small

With an NDVI map, it is estimated you can save 5-15% on farming costs such as fertilizer and pesticides. Many farmers are using crop scans to help them increase yield and productivity, however not all farms are equal. Large or small, we can give you information you need to help increase crop yield.


Let Emmet Drones help you with your crop this season. Contact us for an analysis today.

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