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Kurtis Damerow, owner-operator of Emmet Drones, became fascinated with flight at the age of 7. As a hobby, his grandfather, Robert, used to assemble scale model aircraft in his workshop, and Kurtis use to play with them. Every trip to the grandparents house yielded him a new model airplane to take home.

At the age of 15, Kurtis saved enough money purchased his first remote controlled fixed wing airplane. To spend that much money at that age was a big risk, but worth every penny.

Today, Kurtis uses his passion for flying, and technical skills to collect and process drone data for many different applications. Kurtis is an FFA certified commercial drone pilot and the owner-operator of Emmet Drones.

Kurtis Damerow

Kurtis Damerow

To all of our clients, thank you.

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