With drone services you can more efficiently deploy resources around a job site, minimize potential issues, trim costs, track quantities, update stakeholders, limit delays, and maintain your project schedule.

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Design & Pre-Construction

A drone survey helps inject real-world conditions into design and constructibility conversations. The ability to easily see site information also improves the rate at which your design can be iterated on. You can calculate distances, areas, cubic yards of material and see elevation changes (pictured left) - all with a few clicks.


Construction - time & Money

Drone data helps communicate progress, track and manage materials and assets, reduces theft, increases safety for inspections, and provides valuable information for improving designs.

Your teams can easily monitor progress and quantities of assets and materials at a glance, minimize rework by catching mistakes before they become a bigger problem, keep stakeholders updated, and increase site documentation to reduce the likelihood of litigation and increase defensibility.


client & stakeholder Confidence

Update clients and stakeholders on your progress with ease. An updated aerial view of your project often increases client confidence and a 3D model drastically improves the owners visibility. An aerial view with a 3D model will help everyone better visualize progress and the value you provide to your current and future clients.

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Handover and Maintenance

Drone imagery and video of the final product can create customer delight during handover. This data also has a practical value in property management and maintenance by providing owners and managers with visual data regarding the as-built condition of the building.


Let Emmet Drones help you with your next project. We have helpful solutions from pre-construction planning and presentations, to stakeholder updates and hand-offs. Seek an edge on your competition and contact us today.


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