Manage, monitor, inspect, and document construction projects more efficiently with Emmet Drones aerial data.


Site Survey

Looking at an entire construction site or area is difficult from any point of view. Even a photo or video that covers the entire site will be difficult to capture. Drones can be used to view the entire site from the top of the area. By getting an overhead view, workers can see the entire site easily and clearly.

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Progress tracking

Drones in a construction site can be used to analyze the progress of the work already accomplished, current work, and the work yet to be implemented. It can give accurate information about the day-to-day progress of the construction site. The site owner does not need to visit the site daily to look at the work going on because the information adopted from the drones will be accurate.


Client Confidence

Update clients and stakeholders on your progress with ease. An updated aerial view of your project often increases client confidence and a 3D model drastically improves the owners visibility. An aerial view with a 3D model will help everyone better visualize progress and the value you provide to your current and future clients.


Materials Handling

Track the count materials being used. By having an exact count you can easily analyze the amount, and rate of materials being used. This information improves communication, and increases the accuracy of the exact overall budget of the project.


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